The Wallet Wizard – My Story

Hello!  I am Erin.  I am a wife, a mom, and even (ah-hem!) a (very young and glamorous) grandmother.  I have also been a college student, a divorcee (twice), and a single mom who was working three jobs with little babies and trying to stay afloat.  For a short while in the early 1990s, I relied upon the assistance of welfare, food stamps, and WIC.  I struggled.  In other words, if you are facing an uphill battle with a lack of funds, I HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE – stretching to make ends meet, worried about how to pay the bills, tired and overworked, drowning in debt, and feeling alone without anyone to help. Does this sound familiar?

Fast forward… Where am I now?  I am no longer worrying about money. I have dabbled in real estate and flipped over twenty fixer-upper houses for a hefty profit.  I have been a school principal and an elementary school teacher who taught piano lessons, made and sold homemade Easter candy, babysat, bartended, and sold real estate on the side.  I reused and recycled, invested and reinvented.  I worked hard.  Trust me; I know exhausted!  But, I also worked SMART.  I chose to write this to tell you HOW I DID IT and HOW YOU CAN, TOO!   The American Dream is real, it is not elusive, and you can very capably and realistically capture it and thrive.  I did!  This is my story of welfare to a fat wallet and of the many smart ways that I chose to buy, spend, save and invest.  I hope that my experiences can help you to live a life free of money worries and more stress-free happiness.

The Wallet Wizard isn’t imaginary.  The Wizard is YOU.  You control the magic wand and cast the spells.  You have control over those magic wishes and wizard-like powers.  If you only wish for money but are not proactive and realistic about your plan to earn it and make it work for you, then all the wishing in the world can’t help you.  But, instead, we will focus on your “wizard powers”… the decisions that you make that will help to put… and keep… money in your wallet.

I am no financial analyst.  I have attained a masters degree (free!) and an all-but-dissertation doctorate degree (free!) in education administration. Impressive?  Well, that didn’t teach me how to manage finances; REAL LIFE struggles taught me a valuable thing or two. (I will also teach you how I earned college degrees for free!)  I will be writing an ongoing blog here for those who want to know how to make and save money. I will share my tips, my proven strategies and ideas to help you to save money for your household, utilities, children, grocery and essentials shopping, gifting, meal planning, ways to earn side money, further your education, and make wise career choices. I can also explain how I was successful at flipping real estate, multi-tasking, and time management.  I can teach you to save on beauty and personal care, share my money-saving home organization tips, to effortlessly build a savings account for investments, to use discover and utilize creative financing, pay off debts, build wealth, and how to invest in your future.  You are worth it!

Stop in daily and check for updates, tips, and real-life ways that you can save money!   See you soon!


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